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Yes, join the self paced Business Analysis Foundations course

Find out by joining any of the masterclasses. Get introduced to business analysis concepts and techniques and earn a certificate.

All classes are live, virtual and recorded for you to access later.

Yes, you can. You have transferrable skills from your previous or
current work experiences which canbe leveraged during the course of your
training with us.

Business Analysis (BA) is a practice and it is applicable to all
businesses irrespective of the industry or country. In our coaching
programs, you will learn the theoretical and practical hands-on training
required to perform BA tasks successfully.

Yes, you can pay in installments for select programs (The business analysis thought leadership program, business analysis accelerator program, and the business analysis bundle program).

No, we do not offer jobs. However, we are able to provide information on
hiring companies / recruiters. We also have career services that help
you optimize your CV and LinkedIn profiles.

No, we do not offer internships. However, you will work on capstone
projects which can be highlightedon your CV as part of your work
experience. If required, we also provide references on projects
executedwithin our coaching program.

No, we do not help people relocate. This is out of scope of our business. Immigration consultants are more suited for this.

At this time, we are not able to offer a downward review of our prices
as they are competitive already. However, we conduct periodic review of
our prices in line with market indices. We believe that the value we
provide, is way more than the fees we charge.

Each program has a capstone project that you will need to complete, in fulfilment of the training program.

Yes there is a high global demand for business analysts (see https://www.businessanalysisschool.com/post/6-most-in-demand-business-analysis-tech-roles-in-2023 for specific business analyst roles in high demand for 2023)

According to www.salary.com, the average starting salary for an entry
level business analyst is $53,000. However, this figure varies from
region to region.

As you can see above, we have students from around the world enrolled in our programs

Of course!
We highly advise you to enrol now, secure your spot and start when you're ready.

All our classes are recorded and uploaded to the learner portal, for
ease of access at a later time more convenient for the students. We also
have dedicated emails to the coaches for follow up questions and
comments after watching the recordings.

Due to the nature of our coaching programs, as you can see from the breakdown above... it is value packed.
We do not offer refunds.

As stated in our income disclaimer below, we only offer education and do
not offer income or job guarantees. Our students who have achieved this
success have put in the work and are committed to following all
instructions provided in our programs.

Our current class schedule is
Monday to Friday- 6pm MST
Saturday- 10am & 2pm MST
Sunday- 12pm & 4pm MST
Bear in mind that all classes are recorded and can be accessed at any time through our website & mobile app

When you pay in full for the Business Analysis Accelerator Program, you
receive scholarships for Scrum & Six Sigma certifications.

Kindly click here to check the coaching programs on our website and the cost of each of the programs.

All Accelerator Programs are blended learning- live online
instructor-led classes with an online course portal with videos,
quizzes, assessments & projects. All classes are recorded and hosted
inside the course portal for your personal access & review.

Yes! All students will be required to complete a capstone project at the
end of their course, this serves as verifiable work experience if you
need more projects in your portfolio. Amazing right?

The Accelerator Program provides you with the training and skills to
land a Business Analyst job while the Thought Leadership Accelerator is
focused on preparing you for senior leadership roles through special
coaching, training courses and mastermind sessions, as well as  access
to private coaching with our Founder, Coach Eno

That’s not true. Age has never been a barrier in tech. You can enroll and start your journey. Click here to enroll

Yes, you can join Coach Eno’s mastermind & inner circle group. Click here to join

Did you know we have an installment payment plan that allows you to pay up to 3 times? Read more about it here and See the available courses here.

To get an understanding of how to fully explore the Business Analysis skillset, please click here to join our free masterclass.

Not to worry, join the Bundle Course for EMEA. It is a combination of the Certification Prep Course and the Practical Training.

Yes, you can always join the existing class if you want to. So it’s a yes.

We have partnered with Paybright by Affirm to give you access to Buy
now, Pay Later options. You are only required to prequalify with your
phone number, no credit check is required. You will be able to get
access to the course, and start making interest-free monthly payments
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Please send us an email at support@businessanalysisschool.com